• Perform thorough analysis of database schema, data, functional design docs, and other documentation to gain an understanding of a new system, its data and their business functions.
  • Work independently under time and scope constraints to complete the necessary assignments, identifying and performing the approach steps to reach completion with little to no direction
  • Act as primary contact when related to work involved in analysis responsibilities
  • Outline or carry out business function and data testing of converted data
  • Perform initial assessment and analysis of circumstances related to technical issues reported or identified.  Pursue resolution as appropriate.
  • Support project management efforts as necessary, including providing input, analysis or review of project details related to contracts, schedule, and data delivery release notes and exception reports
  • Support sales efforts as necessary, including providing input, analysis or review of bid or contractual materials


  • Effectively communicate, both verbally and in written form, with individuals within and outside the company
  • Lead discussions about project and technical details with individuals or groups who have a broad range of technical understanding, including front-end application users and software or database engineers
  • Travel to client or partner office site for in-person meetings may be required to discuss project and analysis details
  • Inform project manager of any real or perceived impacts to project process, scope, schedule or price.  Inform internal engineers of any real or perceived impacts to technical aspects of project 


  • Create detailed data mapping and conversion rules and code maps as compiled data mapping documents which are used in building and executing data migration projects.  Rules must be comprehensive and comprehendible by highly technical engineers as well as users of the data.
  • Record findings, key details, and assumptions from analysis of and/or discussions or correspondence about systems, database structure, and data
  • Quantify billable time to be used for project and performance statistics

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Requirements

Strong Organizational Skills

  • Ability to work independently or in a group with minimal direction (need to be able to work through all the details of broad minded projects, and know how and where to find the needed information to complete those projects)
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to thoroughly examine, investigate, and evaluate technical systems and document findings in a comprehensive and comprehendible manner

Strong Communication Skills

  • Ability to summarize information verbally and in writing for application users, database administrators, and technical engineers
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships with all levels of staff and vendors

Strong Attention to Detail

  • Ability to accurately and completely capture business rules associated with data
  • Anticipation of the information needed by users of documentation
  • Ability to comprehend existing documentation, assess user interface schematics, database schemas, functional requirements, information resources and system specifications

Required Technical Skills

  • SQL Experience a plus. Working knowledge of databases, their structures and the way they interact with an application

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