Kudos & Case Studies


“Thanks for all your hard work and help on this project. I’m thrilled with the progress we have made. The data we were able to save is in a very clean and logical format now.  Great Job!”

—Director, Lincoln County WA

“White Box was a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable! They know their stuff and made our data conversion extremely successful!”

—IT Director, Monmouth County NJ 

Case Studies:

City of Edmond, Oklahoma

The Challenge: The City needed to migrate an old, legacy application to a new Court Case Management software quickly and, most importantly, accurately. It was an enormous undertaking. When soon realizing that help would be required, they reached out to White Box Technologies for data integration expertise.

The Solution: White Box developed a successful process to transfer specific Case Management information to the State of Oklahoma on a scheduled basis. In addition, a separate process was developed to transfer data to the City Accounting system at the same time.

At the conclusion of the project, John Hammon, Systems Analyst for the City, concluded that White Box Technologies engineering team had the needed expertise, knew the application and readily accepted the timeline requirements. “White Box Technologies stayed on target, and perhaps most importantly, established a great relationship with us. This allowed me to feel comfortable to contact them at any time to resolve my questions.” Mr. Hammon continued, “I would highly recommend using White Box Technologies for data integration to get a great result. I really like working with these guys” 

Kentucky Bar Association 

The Challenge: Kentucky Bar Association (KBA) was using an aging Fox Pro data base system for managing their case work. As the database no longer met the demands of its growing needs, the association realized that a new database solution was imminent. The executive team at KBA knew that they were not properly staffed to support the project and needed an experienced partner.

The Solution: The KBA hired White Box Technologies to ensure that their conversion project met the necessary requirements and provided their attorneys with more flexibility and ease of access to manage cases and related legal matters. Robbie Clements, Deputy Bar Council, was tasked with the project oversight. According to Ms. Clements, “White Box Technologies data analysts simplified the conversion process well enough that I could understand it. Every time I had a question, they were quick to respond. It was a great customer experience.” 

“The bottom line,” she said, “is that the conversion was completed on time with 100% satisfaction. I would recommend Whitebox Technologies to anyone wanting a successful data conversion.” 

State of Maine  

The Challenge: There were six state Law Enforcement agencies with large amounts of data to convert from multiple databases and merge together. These included the Marine Patrol, State Police, Forest Service, Warden Service, Maine Drug Enforcement and Fire Marshal Office. With varying levels of technical knowledge and background from within these agencies, effective communication was an imperative and integral need for the implementation process to succeed.

The Solution: How to merge databases from six state agencies into a single, user-friendly platform? Step one: hire White Box Technologies. Step two: relax. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the State of Maine did when confronted with the need to implement the statewide Records Management System for the State Police Department. White Box completed the project above expectations—and facilitated the necessary interagency communication management to ensure a successful outcome.

Julie Donohue, Program Manager with the State of Maine, happily stated that, “The White Box Team worked hard with our team to provide an accurate conversion. It was a lengthy process with large amounts of data from the six agency systems. Management monitored the process and assisted in setting proper expectations. We even had two agencies that had not realized data remained to be converted until “Go Live.” They still converted the information and added it to the database after the “Go Live.” She continued, “White Box Technologies was very patient and flexible with us. In a complex data conversion like ours, their flexibility made this data conversion happen!” 

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