Why White Box

Why White Box


Attempting to handle and manage database conversion and integration projects internally can be a drain on company resources. This fact becomes even more apparent when your team finds themselves neck deep in the rising tide of unforeseen complexities and data inconsistencies. Let’s face it: not only are most technical employees undertrained and inexperienced with these projects, they hate this stuff. If you don’t believe us, just ask them. Perhaps more importantly, your employees’ services are more fully, and profitably, needed elsewhere.

Simply put—with Whitebox you will save both time and money while still enjoying a superior outcome in your database conversion and integration projects.

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The White Box Technology team consists of highly dedicated and experienced Project Managers, Data Analysts and Data Engineers. Our PMI-certified Project Managers follow best practices and use proprietary tools to ensure expected outcomes and deliverables—even when extracting data from the most deprecated database systems.

We have successfully



of data conversion and

data integration projects




of databases

We understand the nuances, variables and issues generally encountered throughout a data conversion or integration project—and how to manage them effectively. In other words, we love this stuff.

No matter the format, size or condition of your database—we can handle it.

Sit Back and Relax


So, in a nutshell, our clients can relax knowing that their data conversion and integration projects are in good hands— saving time and money, while also improving quality outcomes. With White Box, your company can avoid expensive software licenses, having to come up to speed on best practices and tools, or reallocating your company’s resources. White Box removes the hassles, minimizes your risks and provides the expertise and attentive customer service you deserve.

With everything we offer, why wouldn’t you use White Box for your data conversion and integration needs?

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