Database conversion and integration is not easy—or fun. In fact, let’s face it—no one wants to do this stuff. It’s not the type of thing that IT professionals or software developers are trained to do or want to do. So, why encumber yourself, or your team, with something that just detracts from your core services. Keep doing what you do really well and let White Box Technologies turn a potential cost center into a profit center. Instead of talking your clients out of doing a that “dreaded” database conversion or integration project, consider hiring White Box to handle the responsibility, add a margin, have happy clients and make some extra profit.

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White Box establishes strong partnerships with software vendors and implementers. By leveraging our very unique capabilities, we help you to better serve your clients and customers. Partnering with us means you can offer your clients dynamic, cost-effective solutions, unlike any other. So, you can relax knowing that White Box has your back. We ensure your company will receive a timely, high-quality and successful database conversion and integration every time.

A sampling of past and current partners includes:

  • Accenture
  • Capers
  • Crimestar
  • Cushing Technologies
  • Digital Solutions
  • IBM
  • ICS
  • Journal Technologies
  • Justice Solutions
  • Mark43
  • Microsoft
  • PTS
  • Southern Software
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Syscon
  • Techshare
  • Tritech
  • Tyler Technologies

Our PMI-certified project managers follow the latest best practices to ensure that we meet your expectations. White Box manages our clients’ database projects from start to finish—meaning, we also offer services in marketing collateral, demos, proposal responses and pilot projects. Best of all, our services can be seamlessly delivered under your organization’s existing processes so that they are transparent to your client.

Complete database conversion and database integration projects better, faster and for less money.

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