White Box Technology has developed a sophisticated set of proprietary tools to enhance our database conversion and database integration deliverables, to both clients and partners. These tools allow our experts to deliver unparalleled solutions that save time and money—while still delivering higher-quality outcomes than can be achieved otherwise.

Save yourself the time, hassle and headaches of pushing unwanted data work onto your in-house team or combing through search listings trying to compare solution providers. White box offers the best in tools and expertise available to ensure you receive an affordable result, done right.

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Some of our more notable tools include:

Rapid Data Analyzer (RDA)

The RDA is a full-featured database analysis and reporting tool that assists in analyzing and verifying the data within the source system. This tool is used to gather information about a data set and allows analysts to quickly view the source data along with key metadata such as data types and relationships.

Rapid Data Organizer (RDO)

On small to large conversion projects, there could be thousands of mapping rules for conversion with multiple team members working on the same project. The RDO tracks conversion rules and their implementation status. The RDO can be utilized from a single individual to multiple team members working on the same project. This tool allows team members to define the rules, mark them as ready for implementation and generate the Table Mapping Document (TMD). The RDO is then used by engineers to see what rules are ready for development and mark it as complete when the code is implemented.

Rapid Code Mapper (RCM)

A unique tool designed to quickly set up the transformations necessary to convert codes in one database to their corresponding codes in another database. Any migration project will use anywhere from one to several hundred different code transformations in order to move the data over to the target system. Ideally, in the overall conversion process, this task will be completed after White Box Technologies has performed the Data Analysis, and before any mock conversions. Codes can be added at any time as they will be updated locally on the White Box server and tied into the overall conversion code and be ready for the mock iterations and final conversion.

Rapid Data Migrator (RDM)

This is the workhorse of the conversion, and where the actual conversion takes place. Through a visual GUI, the migration engineer can easily select from a catalog of pre-defined functions (or can quickly add new ones) to any and all functions needed to actually move the data from the source environment to the new target environment and includes any merging, concatenation or other tasks. It also conducts “mock” migrations to allow for testing and verification (Quality Assurance) checks which are run against the Table Mapping Document to ensure that the data is being moved correctly. The Quality Assurance report at the end of each phase will document what happened along every step of the process, ensuring clients the ability to see that their data was taken care of correctly.

Rapid Data Migrator Library (RDML)

A library of plug-ins used by the Rapid Data Migrator to perform specific operations. These plug-ins encapsulate complex algorithms such as name or address parsing and are designed to be flexible and reusable. White Box maintains an extensive library of plug-ins and is continually adding to the collection.

Rapid Data Validation Utility (RDVU)

Is a SQL test framework. This allows White Box to conduct pass/fail SQL tests to execute against the converted data. During conversions, the Quality Assurance Team builds a suite of tests that run against the data to check for quality and consistency. These tests are based on customer feedback and target application requirements.

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