What is the Purpose of Data Management?

The Data 

Have you ever had something of value that you tucked away for safekeeping and planned to use later, only to lose track of where you put it? We’ve all experienced the frustration of lost items. But when that item happens to be important data you need for an important report or to close a business deal, the negative ramifications can adversely affect future opportunities.  

The solution to this common conundrum that plagues so many companies is actually quite simple: Hire someone to do it for you! Hiring trained professionals to manage your data is an easy and effective method to reduce the unnecessary burden of handling data and keeping it safe, allowing you to concentrate on other things.  

To put it simply, data management is the process of collecting, organizing and processing data so that it is properly stored and available for immediate reference. When utilizing an experienced company to manage important data, large quantities of information can be effectively managed.   

The Processes 

The key processes in data management are integration and conversion. Each of these crucial elements play important roles in the success of data management strategies.  

  • Data integration is the transferring of data from disparate systems into an accurate, meaningful and trusted pipeline of information. 

working on a database

At Whitebox Technologies, we utilize a variety of processes to analyze the source database schema and form a “road map” to organize and direct the conversion. The results are tested, adjusted and finally converted to the specified format. This new data is then integrated into your current data management system. Finally, we provide quality control and continual service to ensure the data processes are functioning as designed and the information is handily available whenever you need it! Find more details on these processes here 

Additionally, Whitebox Technologies offers a wide range of exceptional services that support a fully functioning data management effort. One example is data standardization—the process of converting data values into a unified and accepted structure. This allows values from multiple sources to be stored on the same system. Another example is forming data exception/profile reports—which provide both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the source data. This allows us to identify errors in the source data before performing data migration. That way we make sure to avoid any headaches throughout the process.  

The Solution 

Whitebox Technologies is a fully integrated data management team. We are dedicated to alleviating the stress that often accompanies data processing for companies who rely on large quantities of information for their purposes. 

The methodology revolving around all-things data can be an overwhelming undertaking for anyone who is not adequately trained and experienced. Besides, your time is better spent focused on performing your essential job responsibilities. So, relax and let us focus on your data management!