Testing — The Most Crucial Step in Database Conversion

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Now that you’ve properly planned and prepared for your database conversion project (and if you haven’t please see our last blog), including pre-migration testing, you’re ready for the most important part of the data conversion process — testing!

Data Migration Testing (Mock Iteration Reviews):

The most crucial stage in the data conversion process is the testing stage. Typically, a company will have three mock-up iterations of their data for review:

Mock 1

Mock 1 will be the initial iteration of the data conversion. During this stage, it is vitally important for your company to devote time to review the converted data that has been placed into your target database to avoid data loss. The SME members from the conversion team should be responsible for comparing and contrasting the data between the source system (old) and the target system (new) looking for any discrepancies in the converted records. To simplify and speed up the review process, be sure to use records that your company is familiar with. In other words, look up frequently entered data when reviewing name records. Identify and report any discrepancies using screen shots to provide accurate visual evidence of the identified issue. Although the data migration testing and reporting process can be time consuming it is important to report any and all issues to ensure the issues are resolved before the second iteration of the data migration process in Mock 2. 

Mock 2

During Mock 2, the review process continues — begin by confirming that the identified issues from Mock 1 have been corrected. Continue to identify and report any discrepancies for correction to ensure data integrity. Be sure to notify the database migration team of any changes to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that will affect the data migration process so the appropriate changes can be made before the final Mock.

Mock 3

The data migration process continues with the final review in Mock 3. After all reported issues have been reviewed and corrected the final iteration of the data will be delivered.

Now that the final iteration has been delivered and your company is up and running on the new implemented system, you can rest easy knowing that your company was successful in preparing for database conversion and data migration process. Keeping in mind, that your success was based on planning and preparing to understand the functionality of the new system. But don’t forget that post data migration testing is likely still necessary!

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