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White Box offers both baseline and optional services in database management and conversion. Our processes offer value; establish project parameters, roles and responsibilities; and deliver a successful data migration. A simplified version of the conversion steps include:

Get the details for successful data conversions.

  1. 1) Analysis & Design
  2. 2) Build
  3. 3) Test & Refinement
  4. 4) Go Live

Baseline Services

Baseline services include data analysis, conversion, basic data cleansing, data standardization, data defaulting and data exception reports. Optional services include additional data conversion services as requested by client, thorough data cleansing, image conversion and data validation.

For more detailed information (including charts and a complete definition of processes), click here to view our White Paper on Concept of Operations: Data Conversion.


Quality control and execution are at the center of all we do at White Box.

As an integral part of your team, White Box will provide value throughout the lifecycle of your data management project while minimizing risk. Throughout the process, we are committed to providing your company with superior customer service.

You’ll find that we can often work within the parameters of your current data management system, and will establish set expectations and deliverables throughout the data migration/conversion process. After all, quality control and execution are at center of all we do.

See the illustration below for a step-by-step view of the entire data conversion process.

data conversion process flowchart