Knowing your own data and application — what your analyst wishes you knew.

August 22 | 2018

Is it time for your company to take on a data conversion? Before you begin, your data analyst wants you to consider a couple items leading up to the process that will aid in both your success and ours.

Have Your Foundation

At the very beginning of the software implementation, we schedule a call with the client and request screenshots of the current applications being used. Our analysts appreciate knowing the foundation of the process that you have been utilizing. It is recommended to have subject matter experts (SMEs) available to us for all sections of the software being used. The analysts will do a walk through with the SMEs to see how the screens are populated and if there are any repurposed fields or unwanted data. Since our analysts do not have access to your application, by going through this exercise, we are better able to understand how you use the data in your application and shorten the time frame for the initial analysis, thereby streamlining the entire conversion process.

Consistent Conversations

Throughout the implementation, it is critical to have as many back and forth conversations as needed. The analysts rely heavily on your responses and approval to keep the process moving. Throughout the implementation, we reach out to our subject matter experts frequently. Having constant and consistent feedback throughout the process is vital to the success of the project. We send on average three separate mock conversions before we finalize or allow the project to go-live. To reach the point of satisfaction, we need to have great means of communication with each of the subject matter experts.

Our analysts urge all our clients to consider these points before our initial meeting. This will allow us to hit the ground running with our data conversion process. Here at White box, we pride ourselves in creating success with our clients. By taking these initiatives, both you as the client and your analyst will chalk up the conversion effort as a win-win.

Do you still have questions about your data and the process of data conversion? Give us a call. We are happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions that you still have lingering. Contact us today – let’s get this project rolling.