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So, your company (or client) has an aging database, on a legacy system, that’s been nursed along for years. You know that system needs to be updated, as does everyone else on staff who has to deal with it, which is pretty much everyone. Personnel are planning an uprising—or at least an intervention. Motivated to calm the rising storm, and after some careful research and internal collaboration, management chooses a bright, shiny new system. Everyone in the workplace is amped to get it implemented as fast as possible. Should be simple enough, right? All your team needs to do is get the data ported over from the legacy system.

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The Truth Is

Database conversion projects don’t lend themselves well to most in-house ecosystems and technical teams. Even when using software designed specifically for database conversion, outcomes are generally compromised due to a lack of hands-on experience. The core challenge is how to maintain the data integrity and accuracy of converted data from one system protocol into another—neither designed with the other in mind.

Databases are complex systems and converting one type of data to another from one system to another is no walk in the park—something many in-house technical teams learn to understand all too well. Database conversion, more often than not, is complicated, meticulous, tedious work that is prone to inaccuracies and inconsistencies. But it’s a “necessary evil” as technology becomes outdated or obsolete. Are you sure this is something you want to take on? The good news is that you don’t have to.

When it comes time to update an old system with something new, you need a partner.

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White Box Technologies is especially suited to handle that pesky, burdensome database conversion project. Simply put: We know data. Our team has years of specialized training, experience and background in “all things” database conversion. In addition, we have several proprietary technical conversion tools that help to substantially reduce the potential for human error. And while your in-house team will be elated that they’re off the dreaded database conversion project, White Box is nerding out on the task.

Keep your team productive and profitable doing what they do best—and hire White Box to handle your, or your clients’, database conversion needs. Then relax knowing the project will be done faster, better and less expensive you can accomplish on your own anyway. So, take your in-house team to lunch and make amends, and let us worry about things like "source format" and "data types". Contact White Box Technologies to learn more about our baseline and custom conversion services, or any of our other services, software or technologies.

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Baseline Database Conversion Services
  • DATA CONVERSION—Transforming data from one database schema to another.
  • BASIC DATA CLEANSING—Transforming data to the extent required so the target application can function and navigate properly.
  • DATA STANDARDIZATION—Converting accepted data values that represent the same information into a single, unified, recognized and accepted structure as required by the target system—not including misspellings. For example, standardization of all source Social Security number data to the target format of 000-00-000.
  • DATA DEFAULTING—Based on predefined business rules, assigning a specific and agreed upon value to a field in the target database that is different than the corresponding value in the source database.
  • DATA EXCEPTION REPORTS—Provide qualitative analysis of the source data and identify missing, incorrect or incorrectly formatted data elements required by the target database or application. If the source data problems are not corrected or defaulted, the target application will be inaccurate, have limited reliability or, in some cases, abort operation.
  • DATA PROFILE REPORTS—Provide quantitative and qualitative analysis of the source data. For example: date fields that do not conform to an expected date format or the total number of records that meet specified criteria.
Customized Database Conversion Services
  • ADDITIONAL MOCK CONVERSIONS—Re-run of the conversion process above and beyond those agreed to be within scope.
  • DATA QUALITY ENHANCEMENT—Amending, correcting, removing or defaulting inaccurate, incomplete, duplicated or improperly-formatted source data to ensure target application functions as needed.
  • DATA AUGMENTATION/ENRICHMENT—Adding new or derived data necessary or desired in the target system, but not available in the source system (this does not include changing the intent of the source data).
  • DATA VALIDATION—Checking source data against any known or third-party database to verify accuracy. For example: White Box will compare data with United States Postal Service Delivery Point Validation (USPS-DPV) to verify the post office can deliver mail to an address, when requested as a customized service.
  • DATA EXTRACTION—Oftentimes a client is not familiar enough with a system to perform a data extraction into a readable format. Utilizing our proprietary extraction tools and expertise, White box can quickly, and automatically, extract data out of a system into a readable format. (Note: White Box typically does not extract data from legacy systems.)
The Conversion Process
The Conversion Process