Data Management

What Is Database Integration?
January 5 | 2022

In today’s tech-centric world, businesses rely on information to run smoothly. Since many of today’s businesses function entirely online or in digital spaces, database integration has become more and more critical. Database integration ensures that all stored and shared data is fully aligned, current, clean and readily accessible. Without well-integrated databases, businesses may find themselves […]

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Database Integration Techniques
July 15 | 2021

Most organizations use, or need access to, multiple applications and database to store, retrieve and share information. Centralizing all that data into one source can be tricky, especially due to the differences in businesses’ needs. Database integration allows organizations to access and manage information in a unified way, and there are multiple techniques we can […]

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What is the Purpose of Data Management?
April 30 | 2020

The Data  Have you ever had something of value that you tucked away for safekeeping and planned to use later, only to lose track of where you put it? We’ve all experienced the frustration of lost items. But when that item happens to be important data you need for an important report or to close a business deal, the […]

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